Are there any truly free dating sites


I've never heard of the FREE version of AVG reporting "too many viruses and requesting it be paid for it". Could it be she mistakenly downloaded the paid version.

It sounds more like the actions of " scareware ", which attempts to "scare" you into purchasing their fake anti-spyware program. As an example, see this removal guide for a rogue (FAKE) program which purports to be that of AVG.

The following A/V's ARE free:

Microsoft Security Essentials
Avira's AntiVir

It's important she also install one (or both), of the following. They are both FREE.

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

If she's unable to install and run the above, I would suggest having her follow these set of instructions. If she's still unable to access the internet, have her use any of the free rescue CD's listed here .

Best of luck..

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Are there any truly free dating sites

Are there any truly free dating sites